Cathy Basterfield, Access Easy English

There is limited published research in the area of Easy English. There is a growing body of research about Easy Read, looking at the whole package of elements (language, images, layout, consumer engagement), which has provided some useful results. At this time, there is limited data on what constitutes the benchmark of quality Easy Read or Easy English documents.

This paper will present some current research from Australia in the area of language and linguistic load in Easy English documents and compare this with Easy Read documents.

5 Easy English and Easy Read documents were analysed and compared. The documents were analysed in the following areas: syntax, length of sentences and sentence structure.

This research is demonstrating there are clear measurable differences between Easy English and Easy Read documents.

This data continues to expand our knowledge about Easy English and Easy Read documents. It will assist in developing further comparative studies across countries, and also begin to inform a research based quality framework that may be more easily measurable for Easy English.
It will assist organisations in developing Better Outcomes for the people they support and work with to write quality Easy English documents.

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