Jenny Campbell, Disability Health Network WA Health
Fiona Payne, Disability Health Network WA Health
Monica McGee, Disability Health Network WA Health

The WA Disability Health Framework 2015-2025: Improving the health care of people with disability (the Framework) provides direction for WA Health and its partners on policy development and service delivery to achieve improved health outcomes for people with disability.

The vision of the Framework is an inclusive WA health system that empowers people with disability to enjoy the highest attainable standard of health and wellbeing throughout their life. The framework provides goals and guiding principles for developing policy, implementing services and making decisions regarding the provision of health care. The Framework presents four system wide priority areas for action including understanding and recognition, health and wellbeing, workforce capability and inclusive health care.

Since its launch in 2016, the Framework has been used by health service providers to inform key projects. The Framework has been influential in shaping training and development activities for clinical and non-clinical staff and facilitated conversations with a range of stakeholders working to empower people with disability to be partners in their health care delivery. In 2017 focus has been on development of an Engagement Plan including a “toolkit for change” that will presented along with a evaluation of the outcomes so far. In the future focus will be working with stakeholders to identify champions and opportunities for futher change.

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