Michelle Wakeford, National Disability Services
Kerrie Langford, National Disability Services

Young people with disability are able to thrive in employment when prepared and supported while at school. Despite this, many are not successfully transitioning from school into further training/employment and face limiting stereotypes and a pervasive culture of low-expectations around employment.

Ticket to Work prepares secondary students for the world of work and provides them with an employment pathway through a combination of vocational/career development and early contact with work environments. The initiative leverages the power of cross-sectoral partnerships through a network including schools, employment services, NDIS providers and employers.

We have evaluated, and are continuing to evaluate:
• Post-school outcomes comparing social/economic participation to a comparison group using existing datasets
• Current and desired levels of cooperation between the network members
• Longitudinal data
We found:
• Ticket to Work participants have more positive economic/social outcomes post-school
• Collaboration between network members created better outcomes
• 1038 jobs and 2689 career development activities were created
We want to change policy and practice in Australia so students, no matter what their disability, get opportunities to build their employability. We want to demonstrate and increase the knowledge-base about what types of interventions work best for young people with disability in their transition from school, and show the effects of a collective-impact approach.

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