Steve Griffin, University of New South Wales

Incorporating the lived experience of affected people and a community perspective into all stages of research offers opportunities to improve research quality and ensures it is relevant to community needs. This involves community input into research objectives, design, and conduct including issues of consent, confidentiality and considerations specific to the study or population. How to achieve this, and with appropriate representation of Aboriginal people, has been a challenge for academic institutions.

To fulfil this role, the UNSW Centre for Social Research in Health (CSRH) established a Community Reference Panel in 2016 to review proposed research and provide ongoing advice on projects from conception to publication and dissemination of findings. The panel was further supported by a UNSW Research Network Lab award. This funding will enable the panel to consider expansion to include other key populations (such as people with lived experience of disability). While the Panel will be engaged for a wide variety of projects, a key role is to support consultation with Aboriginal people.

This presentation will explain how the panel works, how panel members are recruited and consulted and plans for expansion. This presentation will serve as a prompt for broader discussion about community engagement in research.

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