Selim Pullu

Selim Pullu Selim has taught history for over two decades and has extensive experience in field surveys and museum work. During his academic career, he has held a variety of administrative positions including Chairman in Ancient History and Archaeology Departments in different universities, and Director of Western Anatolia Archaeology Institute at the University of Afyon in Turkey. He bas been an associate of the University of Melbourne, Department of History since 2016.

Selim has dedicated the last four years to understanding and helping his son Ege who was diagnosed with autism. He was a key role facilitator for The Positive Partnership project and organised the “Dad’s Group” for especially Turkish fathers who have children with autism. He also worked with the team of animation movie specialists as an editor for making a short animated movie which describes and help others to understand autism. The movie is named “A Family Journey” and has been translated in to seven different languages including Turkish.. He was proud and honoured to be awarded ASPECT’s Parent of the Year Award in 2016.