Under the UNCRPD, everyone has the right to live sexual lives. However, this right is challenged for people with brain injury when it is not seen as a priority in healthcare and rehabilitation.

Using a social/ecological framework for understanding sexuality in the lives of people with brain injury, this project adapted the existing Sexual Lives & Respectful Relationships (SL&RR) program through the use of narrative research to co-produce stories with people with acquired brain injury. The stories were then used in the SL&RR program, to train a group of people with brain injury and professional staff. This presentation will highlight the key project findings and recommendations for future work. We will present outcomes of peer education as a strong response to sexuality and relationships in the lives of people with brain injury. Committed to ‘nothing about us without us’, the presentation will be delivered by SL&RR Peer Educators alongside a researcher. Together we will highlight the importance of partnerships between community professionals and people with brain injury in pursuit of sexuality and relationship rights.

Monica Wellington
Deakin University

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