Jody Barney

Jody Barney Jody Barney is a proud descendent of the Birri-Gubba/Urangan/ Bani peoples.
As a dedicated cultural disability trainer and advocate for over 30 years, Jody has developed very strong relationships with many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living with a disability. Her deep connections across many sectors particularly includes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and all those with disabilities living in regional, rural and remote areas.
Jody’s interests are within the disability, LGBTIQA, Women, Children, Justice, Education, Health and Leadership development areas. Her work has extended beyond local and state boundaries to national and international forums.
Her involvement on numerous boards and committees has provided her with a wealth of knowledge, granting experience and excellent governance skills. Her philanthropic work in building communication for Deaf and non-verbal community members is widely known and respected.
Her career highlights include being the first Deaf Aboriginal person to obtain a Business degree in Australia. In 2011/2, she received the Fellowship of Indigenous Leadership, Emerging Leader Award and, in 2014, the Brenda Gabe Award (Women with Disabilities Award, Victoria).
Jody has successfully completed her inaugural Social Equity Fellowship with Atlantic Fellows Social Equity Australia (2017). As the first Deaf Aboriginal woman Senior Fellow in Australia, her work continues to strive for social equity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people via inclusion in their communities.