How to use Zoom Meetings

The below information is general information about zoom meetings. For the Virtual Disability Conference we will be in webinar mode and will ONLY be using the Q&A function. Those who register will receive an email with instructions on how to use zoom for the conference.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an online cloud-based platform that makes video chatting easy. You can use it with text only, audio only, video only or use video, audio and text all at the same time. Zoom does not cost anything if it is being used for a meeting between only two computers. If it is a larger meeting for more than 40 minutes, only the person hosting needs to pay. Zoom is also used for more formal training and conferences which are called webinars.

What do I need?

A device that has a microphone, camera, and internet access.
A good internet connection
Ideally a spot that has good lighting so your face is easy to see if you are using video

Joining a meeting via Zoom

You can create your own zoom account, but you do not need to create an account in advance, just click the link at the time of the meeting scheduled.
If you would like to know exactly what to expect you can take part in a “test meeting”.
This is a good time to test your microphone and speakers before joining the real meeting. There won’t be anyone else in the test meeting. Go to
You can also test your video or audio while in a Zoom meeting.
Tip! When you test your video and audio make sure you click *Join with Computer Audio* to complete the process!click here.

How do I set up Zoom on my computer?

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email address and select ‘sign up free’.
  3. You will be emailed a link, asking you to activate your new account.
  4. Enter your name and a password.
  5. You will then be prompted to ‘start your test meeting’. Click ‘Start Meeting Now’.
  6. The Zoom app will download automatically onto your computer.

How do I set up Zoom on my smart phone or iPad?

  1. Go to the app store and search for ‘Zoom’.
  2. Download ‘ZOOM Cloud Meetings’
  3. Enter your email address and create a password.

How do I ‘meet’ with Zoom?

  1. You will be emailed details to join the Zoom meeting.
  2. Click on the ‘Join Zoom Meeting’ link, or the phone number if  using a smart phone.
  3. If you have already downloaded the app, Zoom will automatically open. If you have not already downloaded Zoom, the meeting will proceed in your internet browser.
  4. You should now be able to hear and see people in the meeting (you both need to click on the video camera icon).
  5. As you are entering the meeting room you may be prompted to “Join using computer audio”. Select this as this will enable Zoom to use the microphone on your computer/device.

Setting your screen to look how you want it

You have two choices of screen view. You can choose whichever you prefer, it won’t impact on everyone else’s screen:
Gallery view – “Brady Bunch” style: “everyone is in a grid.
Speaker view “Thumbnail” style: where the person speaking is big and the centre of the screen and the others are small.
When there is a green square around someone means they have the microphone and are speaking.

Mute / Unmute

This is useful when there is a big group, you have background noise or you need to move around.

Chat function

This is a space for adding text you can get to using Alt H. This can be useful if you need to let people know something while someone is talking for example, that you are having technical issues, that you need to leave.

Start / Stop Video

Turns your camera on or off. Useful if you are moving rooms and you don’t want to distract the group.
Tip! It is polite to turn yourself on mute when someone else is talking so you won’t interrupt them with background noise by accident!

Keyboard commands

Note: most of these are toggles which means the same keystroke will turn on and off a feature.

  • Alt + A to mute and unmute your audio, (Windows).
  • Command + Shift A to mute and unmute your audio, (Mac).
  • Alt + V to stop and start your video (Windows).
  • Command + Shift + V to start and stop your video, (Mac).
  • Alt + w to switch between speaker view and gallery view, (Windows).
  • Command + V to switch between speaker view and gallery view, (mac).
  • Alt + Y to raise and un-raise your hand, (Windows).
  • Option + Y to raise and un-raise your hand, (Mac).

Note: iPhone and iPad users will need to be familiar with standard gestures, (VoiceOver and non-VoiceOver users) to use the Zoom app on their device.

Muting/unmuting video controls may appear on the screen if you tap the middle of the screen first if you are not using VoiceOver.

The link below will take you to instructions for logging on to a zoom meeting via an ipad. They are completely visual, but for those with enough vision to see these they may assist.